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You want to be the picture of health, but also want to enjoy life. So overly-complicated or restrictive plans are out.

You don’t want to just feel good. You want to feel fantastic and create new, lasting habits, rather than cycling through the latest diet and health trends.

You love learning about nutrition, fitness, and natural health. And you're excited to share what you know with others, especially when it shows you're ahead of your time and spot-on right.

If you're anything like me ...

Raise the bar and gain solid nutrition and health knowledge in today's confusing and trendy world.

Rock a great and healthy body. Be confident knowing your stuff.

Be an example of extraordinary health and teach others because you're one heck of a health influencer!

I’m a board-certified nutritionist, health educator, author, and international speaker.

I teach people about nutrition and natural health so they can “walk the talk” and get great results. 

I love teaching anything nutrition, fitness, and natural health in a way that's understandable for "everyday" people. I love sharing what I know. I love that my own health challenges keep teaching me more. 

Let me help you create extraordinary health. Then, go out and inspire others. That’s how we build a healthier world!

Hi. I'm Sue.

Learn from me and . . .

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”


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Elizabeth Rider,
author of The Health Habit

Not only that, she is a brilliant teacher who can break down complicated information into easy-to-understand concepts. I highly recommend her programs and working with her!" 

"Sue Ward is a nutrition savant and the authority I go to first with nutrition-related questions.


She has a natural talent for connecting with her audience and creating the practical application of nutritional science! She is so smart and every time I hear her speak, I walk away with new ways to improve my health!

"Sue is an amazing teacher."