While many current programs focus on the gut (which is important), LIVER 911 is the one of the first to show you why your liver is the key to great health. Over 50% of the clients I've worked with in the past year found out they had fatty liver. I've been able to help many reverse it in 90 days and improve other health issues at the same time. Clients are happy with results like weight loss, improved thyroid function, better hydration, glowing skin, clearer eyesight, and balanced blood sugar. I had my own similar story over a year ago and yes, EVERYTHING got better when I focused on my liver.

Heal Your Liver to
Transform Your Health

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  • Access to pre-recorded Zoom Trainings
  • Lifetime access (for the life of the course)
  • 15% discount for one year on supplements purchased from my dispensary

It's for you if ...

Let’s Talk About Who This course Is Really For.

YOU RECENTLY FOUND OUT YOU HAVE FATTY LIVER or elevated liver enzymes and are freaking out about it, not sure what you should do. You know it's serious and you want to take action now.

YOU GOT INTO A FUNK and gained some weight, maybe stopped exercising, drank too much alcohol, and ate a lot of junk food (both sweet and salty). You probably don't even know your liver is in trouble.

YOU HAVE SOME EXCESS BODY FAT and feel like you're stuck at the wrong weight, no matter what you do; nothing seems to be working.

By The End of This Course

you'll have learned:

The top 3 foods to cut out of your diet in order to see fast results (within a couple of weeks)

What stresses out your liver (you may not even realize some of the biggest offenders) 

Everything you can do to help heal your liver (hint: you don't have to do every single thing)

Why the liver is the critical key to radically transforming your health

Basic Enrollment $299.

Are you experiencing excess weight, poor habits, declining health, and maybe even fatty liver? if so, that's an emergency!

Heal Your Liver.
 Save Your Life.

YOU HAVE SOME  SYMPTOMS that you can't explain. Maybe you have low energy, mildly elevated blood sugar or cholesterol, itchy skin, frequent headaches, weak muscles, hormone imbalances, and an overall yucky feeling.

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"When I was diagnosed with fatty liver, Sue showed me a few key diet changes and recommended three supplements and it worked! I reversed my fatty liver in just a few months. I also lost 8 pounds that I've kept off."  -- Karla C., New York