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Fat Loss After 50 is the only program of its kind that helps you find YOUR reason why you have difficulty with weight loss and teaches you how to achieve permanent fat loss and vibrant health.

Change the Focus. Get the Results. 

This course begins with
mindset and stress reduction.

this is not a diet.
This is not a trend.
this is what you need to leave excuses behind.

This program is for the strongly committed. Why? 
Because there is a new focus on YOU and accountability.

This is often the missing link to weight struggles and emotional eating.
Releasing "stuck" emotions and managing stress is the first step.
Then the rest - food, fitness, and habits -- align more easily.

By The End of This Course

you'll have learned:

MINDSET AND MEDITATION STRATEGIES that keep you calm, focused, and motivated.

AWARENESS of your food and exercise habits and how to adjust them -- not only to fit your lifestyle, but to love your eating plan.

YOUR ROOT CAUSE (the 1-3 things that prevent you from achieving lasting results).

EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES for permanent change and staying on track - forever.

CONSISTENCY and how to build a strategy for life. 

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Enrollment Anytime.
Go at Your Own Pace

introductory cost $299.

  • One private 60-minute Zoom call with me (or two 30-minute calls)*
  • Pre-recorded Weekly Zoom Trainings (from our live sessions)
  • 15% discount on all supplements in my dispensary for 1 year (U.S. students only)
  • No expiration on Access to the course (for the life of the course)
  • Certificate of Completion

Add VIP Coaching For a Personalized and Immersive Experience

VIP Coaching helps you with everything
(the food plan, supplements, 5K training, and more!)
Purchase this separately as the perfect addition to the course.