Do you know how many steps you take in a day?
Join my 10K-a-Day Challenge and find out.
This is a simple program designed to keep you active
and put you on the path to better health.

10,000 Steps a Day

  • Access to the Just Walk website and tracking for one year 
  • Weekly tips and reminders
  • My bi-monthly Healthy Humans newsletter
  • 10% discount for one year on supplements purchased from my dispensary

Simple, Yet Packed with Features:

No Gym Needed

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Set a personal daily steps goal. View your progress on the way to 10K-a-Day

STAY MOTIVATED. Compare your progress within our community.

PERSONAL DASHBOARD. Enjoy the attractive dashboard display with colorful graphs to see your accomplishments.

NO TIME? NO PROBLEM! Just move throughout the day. Auto-sync with 200+ wearable tracking devices and mobile apps and let our software do the work.

Basic Enrollment $29.99

Maintain motivation to stay active!

Track Your Daily Steps and
Monitor Your Progress

By simply wearing a pedometer or other wearable tracking device (i.e., Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone, etc.), you can measure your steps throughout the day, working towards the goal of 10K-a-Day.

Ready. Set. JOIN NOW.
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" This has really kept me motivated and I've dropped about 10 pounds so far. " (Steve K.)

"I love to see the progress of my friends and family. It keeps me going. I'm somewhat competitive so if my steps are not as high for the day, I go out walk some more or dance in my kitchen." (Ann L.)

"We now go for family walks daily, rain or shine. We now regularly walk more than 10K a day!" (Henry N.)

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