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My Story

When I was asked to be on the Dr. Oz show back in 2017, I was excited. But the first thing I thought about was my physical appearance. Did I look healthy? Fit? Well? It was a terrifying 2 minutes and 33 seconds when I watched the clip for the first time. I knew I wasn't at my best. I was just getting by.

In my head, I was struggling with some excess weight, aging skin,  and under-eye circles. Sure, the hair and make-up department can work their magic, but l was not feeling my best, even though I knew my stuff when it came to the topic: liver health. But I thought, "Who is going to listen to an overweight nutritionist?" I was not "walkin' the talk."

When it comes to the liver, I am truly an expert. Why? Because just after I met my husband 27 years ago, he was diagnosed with a liver disease. So throughout my whole career (and our marriage), I researched everything possible to keep him healthy and well. And he is well today.

But just after the pandemic of 2020, I decided to do take a closer look at my health, as I usually do each year. I signed up for a physical and detox at Sanoviv Medical Institute (where I've worked for over 10 years). Especially since I had a number of random (and weird) symptoms. I started blaming it all on menopause or mold toxicity - - maybe part of the problem, but there was more.

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Quick Facts About Me

Here goes the story . . .

So I'm in the ultrasound appointment, which is standard for every patient (thankfully), and the radiologist commented that my liver "doesn't look so good." He said it's "fibrotic" according to this new ultrasound machine we had. But wait. I check my liver annually, how can it suddenly be in such poor condition? My bloodwork is normal. It was not "fatty liver" but beyond that!  HOW EMBARRASSING for me, a nutrition, fitness, and health expert! And a 25-year liver expert. Could it be that a daily glass or wine (or two) most of my adult life did this? Was it the recent mold toxicity I was diagnosed 2 years prior? Did it have something to do with post COVID19 issues from several months prior? It could have been one of those things or all of those things. It didn't matter. I took immediate action!

I spent the next week doing an aggressive detox including exercise, sauna, green juice, vegetables, mind-body work, and more! I didn't need to change my diet too much. I had to eliminate alcohol (duh), reduce all fat (yep, my pizza, cheese and nuts - "reduce" being the key word here), and continue my exercise. I also began meditating daily to keep me grounded and focused. And I added three key supplements. I persisted for 90 days and then went for follow-up testing. All bloodwork was normal and the liver scan showed a renewed, perfectly healthy liver. At that moment, I realized just how amazing the liver is. Years of damage can actually be reversed. But that wasn't the end of the story.

People started noticing and I would hear comments like, "You look good, what are you doing? You look younger. you look more relaxed. Your skin looks amazing." and more. Well, not only did I regenerate my liver, but I lost 25 pounds, became more hydrated, perfectly balanced my blood sugar, optimized my thyroid function, jump-started my metabolism, got rid of the dark circles under my eyes, grew more hair (in the right places), got rid of post-menopausal hot flashes, started thinking more clearly, improved my eyesight, gained more energy, got physically stronger, and felt much happier. WOW. Can a sluggish liver really cause all of that?  Yes, it can. The liver is involved with ALL OF THIS.

Weight kept dropping off slowly and I lost a total of 35 pounds in 6 months, then maintained for another 12 months. But what really amazed me was that weight loss wasn't my goal - fixing my liver was. Knowing the liver's job made me realize, poor liver function is likely a root cause of many health issues, especially in today's toxic world. Perhaps regenerating and protecting the liver is the key to better health and the real "fountain of youth."

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