Fun Friday Dance Party

Spring is Here! Celebrate with a Fun Friday Dance Party

Every Friday I have a dance party and I want to encourage you to do the same. A “Fun Friday” dance party is a great way to let go, move your body, and enjoy all that music has to offer. This Friday, I’m celebrating a week of more daylight and the coming of Spring on Saturday, March 20th.

History of the Fun Friday Dance Party

I used to manage a corporate fitness center and on Fridays, the fitness center closed at 4 p.m. This is when my niece, Kim, came to meet me and we would head into the group exercise room. We created a dance song playlist on a CD (entitled “Fun Friday”) and we would dance for about an hour. We liked to make up silly moves, put them together, and create simple routines to do over and over. This tradition started about 15 years ago and continues today.

During our current Fun Fridays, we sometimes put on 80s wigs, dress-up, and use 80s music to set the tone. Kim now includes her baby who is very happy with music and dancing (his favorite song is “Mickey” by Toni Basil). Let me tell you, dancing around with a 30-pound toddler makes for a great workout, especially if you throw in some squats!

An easy way to have fun while burning calories.

How to Have a Fun Friday

I strongly encourage dancing regularly, especially on a Friday as it finishes your week and can celebrate the weekend ahead. Here is how to create your Fun Friday dance party in three easy steps.


Put together a playlist of songs that make you want to move. It can be themed, such as “The Best of Michael Jackson” or random. Include all songs that make you feel happy.


Decide on a time that works for you. Maybe at the end of the day and before dinner. Invite family members to participate in-person or via the internet services (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.). Since Kim lives on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast, sometimes we do our dance party using Zoom.


Turn on the music and dance! Keep at for at least 15 minutes and I guarantee you will want to go longer. It’s a great workout that will make you feel happy. See my blog article on The Benefits of Laughter.

Now it’s Your Turn

Turn on the music and start dancing. As my husband, Donny, says, “dance like everyone is watching and they need a good laugh.” Remember, your dance could also be a hardcore “rock out.” Check out his dance party below.

Dance like everyone is watching!

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